7 more bodies found under the rubble in Borodianka

11 квітня 2022
7 more bodies found under the rubble in Borodianka

7 bodies were recovered from the rubble of destroyed buildings in the town of Borodianka in the Kyiv region on 11 April; in total, 19 bodies have been found in the rubble so far

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine, on Telegram

According to SES: "On 11 April, 7 bodies were found in the process of clearing away the rubble of two high-rise apartment buildings. 226 workers took part in the clearing operation, as well as 42 units of equipment, and 20 volunteers from Kyiv.

19 people have been recovered from the rubble since the beginning of the clearing operation. Work continues."


On 2 April the Kyiv region was liberated from Russian troops.

After the withdrawal of Russian forces, numerous instances of civilian deaths have been recorded in the liberated towns and villages. In Bucha alone at least 400 people were killed during the Russian occupation, the majority of whom were shot, rather than hit by artillery fire.

Ukraine and certain Western countries demand that Russia be held responsible for war crimes committed in the Kyiv region.

The Kremlin denies allegations that Russian troops murdered civilians in Ukraine, despite satellite images that confirm the fact of civilian killings during the Russian occupation.

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